Follow These Rules When Flying on a Private Jet

Have you ever wondered what it’s like on a private plane? Or Googled how much it would cost to travel via private jet? Well, you are not alone. Flying commercially can be fun, especially if you find yourself in first class, but nothing could ever beat flying in a private jet, you can trust us with that one.

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What would you do if you found yourself sipping on the best champagne at 40 000 feet in the air? You are certainly going to tell everyone about it, right? However, like with anything, there are rules, so if you do ever find yourself on a private plane, here are some of the rules you need to know before you board. In some parts of the world, it’s called Jet-iquette, we kid you not!

What can I take?

Like commercial flying, you are not allowed to carry any prohibited products such as weapons, narcotic substances, etc. It is always important to research exactly what is allowed and what is not. Something we did not know is that you are not allowed to carry your luggage. There are ground crew members who need to do this as per etiquette! Remember you cannot overpack either. 

Time is important

This is obvious but you must arrive on time for your flight both to and from your destination. You never want to be the cause of the flight’s delay, especially if you are the guest. Always plan your travel time and make provisions for disturbances to your plans. 

Do pack your passport and other legal documents needed

There is no way you can travel to and from any part of the world and domestically without identification. It is vital to have your passport for international travel and a visa if needed. No country will allow you entry without these documents.

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Don’t wear strong perfume

It is important to remember that the space you are in is confined and there are other people around. Try to wear subtle tones. 

Don’t hoard the food

Chances are you’ll only be served the best type of food onboard a private jet. Think caviar, lobster, rack of lamb, and more! There is no need to hoard any of the food or snacks in your carry-on. This is of course a big part of jet-iquette to remember. 

Do dress for the occasion

If you are on a business trip with your client, you will need to dress appropriately. Business attire for a business occasion. However, if you are out with friends then wearing what you normally would on a night out on the town is certainly the best attire!

Do allow your host to board first

Jet-iquette is teaching us many things, like allowing your host (if you are not the host yourself) to board the private jet first. Why would you do this, you ask? Well, chances are your host has their favorite spot on the plane and you want them to have it. You will also be surprised at how hosts want their guests to feel comfortable too and will offer you the first pick of a seat!

Do slow down on social media

Jet-iquette tells us that too many snaps on your favorite social media platform can make you look like you stand out like a sore thumb. Show some restraint and snap a picture here or there, but not for the entire journey.

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Do think when you speak

Since you are in a confined space, it is best to keep volumes down. Now, this does not mean you should not speak; however, it means that you need to be considerate of your space and the people around you. 

Do practice good bathroom matters

If you are using the bathroom and leave a surprise for the next person, chances are everyone onboard will know it’s you. So always ensure you clean up after yourself and flush! And flush again. There are many rules for bathroom use, and they can be applied interchangeably too, so whatever you won’t do at home, don’t do it on the plane. 

Don’t let your pets roam free

Yes, you are allowed to bring your pets onboard, however, you need to ensure you look after them. If they mess, clean it up. Ensure they are trained in such a way that if they break loose, they do not end up hurting anyone onboard or messing. Remember, private jet owners often spend thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure their interior is top-notch and we can see by the 2022 trends, that this won’t change any time soon.

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