Floatplane Crash in Washington Kills 1 and Leaves 9 Missing

At least one person was killed and rescue crews were searching for nine others after a floatplane carrying 10 people crashed Sunday afternoon in Mutiny Bay in Washington State, north of Seattle, the authorities said.

The U.S. Coast Guard said that nine adults and one child were aboard the commercial chartered seaplane, which has mounted floats that allow it to land on water. It was en route from Friday Harbor, Wash., to Renton, Wash., when it crashed southwest of Whidbey Island, about 35 miles north of Seattle.

One body had been recovered from the crash, which happened between 3 and 4 p.m. local time, but the nine others aboard remained missing, the Coast Guard said.

An overnight search did not turn up any bodies or debris, and a search was continuing on Monday morning, the Coast Guard said.

“Air and boat crews are searching for any signs of survivors,” Chief Petty Officer William Colclough, a Coast Guard spokesman, said on Sunday.

Kathleen Bangs, a spokeswoman for FlightAware, an aviation data provider, said on Monday that seaplanes are used in the area for both recreation and transit. While commercial tours are commonly offered in the area, the flight appeared to be a scheduled charter, she said.

The plane, a 1967 de Havilland, appeared to be under control for 18 minutes, roughly halfway to its destination before it descended at a rapid rate, she said, citing flight-tracking data. The weather and visibility appeared to be good and there was no distress call, she said.

“Whatever happened, happened very abruptly,” she said.

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