Eddie Edwards Reflects On Highs And Lows From 2022, His Motivation For The New Year

Eddie Edwards Reflects On Highs And Lows From 2022, His Motivation For The New Year

Eddie Edwards Reflects On Highs And Lows From 2022, His Motivation For The New Year

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Eddie Edwards discusses what worked and what didn’t in IMPACT Wrestling this year.

The two-time IMPACT World Champion had a pivotal year as he led the Honor No More faction in pursuit of championship gold. While The OGK were able to capture the tag titles, Edwards came up short in his world title match in the main event of Bound For Glory. During a recent appearance on the Tru Heel Heat podcast, Edwards explained that he did not see 2022 unfolding the way it did.

“Whenever I go into a new year, I just hope and wish for the best. I have my mindset, I’m gonna work hard, I’m going to do whatever I need to do. I’m gonna make the best of any situation given. But I don’t think I ever saw this year turning out the way it did with Honor No More joining and me getting my title shot against Josh Alexander at Bound For Glory. I had high hopes, and it definitely lived up to that. You know, I didn’t win the world title, and that’s always a failure on my part, but overall, I feel like it was a good year. We didn’t achieve our goal, our mission wasn’t accomplished, but overall it was pretty well, and I’m looking forward to next year.”

With the shortcomings in mind, Edwards is looking forward to formulating a new plan to achieve his mission of regaining IMPACT’s top prize.

“Of course that match from Bound For Glory against Josh, you know, the outcome alone [is motivation], but the year is more about the mission and the group that was Honor No More. Whenever I think about 2022, that’s really what’s going to come to mind. Having this group, fighting for the same thing, having people who believe in what I believe in, people who felt what I felt. They felt they’ve been passed over. They’ve given their all for companies and had their backs, and people turned their backs on them. It was nice to have that solidarity going forward, and that’s something that I did cherish at the time, to be able to do that with friends and people who thought the same as me.”

“Going forward next year, I’m going to be using just kinda how the year didn’t turn out how I wanted it to [as my motivation]. Obviously I didn’t win that world title. Honor No More has dissolved, it is no longer. So I’m gonna use that, put all that up in this chip right up here [on my shoulder], and use that for next year going forward to try and create something new to get that world title back around my waist.”

Eddie Edwards noted that in addition to getting another world title run, he just wants to help the promotion get better.

“For me, the new year is coming up, I just wanna continue doing what I’m doing at the highest level. I wanna go out there and give my best every time I go out in that ring. In the end, I want that to be with the IMPACT World Title, that is always my goal, but I wanna continue going strong with IMPACT Wrestling and help move this company forward. That’s my goal.”

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