Dua Lipa Just Wore Denim Shorts With Knee Boots

If you think Dua Lipa looks cool wearing just about anything, you’re not wrong. She pulls off even the most controversial of trends with ease, including a certain shorts outfit that fashion people have been embracing as of late.

While shopping in London earlier this week, Dua Lipa paired an oversize leather jacket with a summer classic: cutoff denim shorts. While you or I might typically think to wear sandals or sneakers with cutoffs, fashion people—and Dua Lipa—have been pairing them with knee boots even in the middle of summer. Given that many areas of the world are experiencing one of the hottest summers on record, not to mention the fact that knee boots are hardly breathable, I’d consider this quite a controversial pairing. But if you’re willing to ignore the heat for the sake of fashion, you certainly won’t be alone.

Keep scrolling to see Dua Lipa’s look and how other fashion people wore this combo before her. Then keep scrolling to shop some of the best denim shorts on the market. 

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