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Caroline Cory has been entranced by what was flying so quickly by in the skies. “Since I was 5 years old,” said the producer-director of the UFO documentary “A Tear in the Sky.”

“It didn’t look like anything I could understand of course, but it was more of a gut feeling, who else is out there in the universe? Because of that, I stayed open to the idea that we may be visited by extraterrestrials or something along those lines throughout my life.”

Cory, born in France but raised around the world (“I’ve been all over. I lived in Japan for a while”), financed and filmed an investigative squad of military personnel, scientists, even William Shatner, that hoped to capture without any doubt a real UFO phenomenon.

Based in Laguna, Calif., the team had just five days to come up with compelling evidence. Only very recently has the government said anything about what might be visitors from another galaxy. Or not. Why such secrecy going back to the 1950s?

“A few reasons,” Cory said in a phone call from her Montana ranch. “Perhaps some of it has to do with ‘black projects.’ I would understand why they would want to not disclose certain things that they’re working on.

“The other part of the story is that this will show that they don’t know everything — and they don’t have control over everything. Just the idea that there could be potentially intelligent (aliens) or maybe a foreign government that is capable of technologies that we don’t have, puts them in a very vulnerable place. I think that’s the reason why it’s been one coverup after another throughout the whole process. Anyone who talks about it was ridiculed for the longest time.

“Until 2017. When the Navy and the Pentagon has to finally admit, ‘Wait a minute! There’s something anomalous here. We don’t know what it is. We’re looking into it.’

“At least the fact that they have admitted there is something anomalous was a huge, huge step in the right direction.”

2017 was when The New York Times reported on the Pentagon’s research into unidentified flying objects. This immediately gave legitimacy and credence to the cause.

“After that first article, everyone covered the subject from CNN to the Washington Post and so on. That gave us permission to finally talk about these experiences without sounding like ‘crazy people.’

“It was a game changer that changed the conversation. We can now talk about this with more validation.”

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