Digital Watches for Men: Level-Up Your Screen Time With These Stylish, Practical Timepieces

When the first digital watches for men started cropping up in the early ‘70s, people were sure they’d replace their analog counterparts entirely. And why shouldn’t they? Digital watches were, after all, more accurate, more functional, and looked like they were beamed in straight from some utopic version of the future. Despite Apple’s ongoing efforts, analog armageddon never really happened—for the most part, at least. Today, mechanical watches remain some of the most coveted objects of desire on the planet, but digital watches have carved out their own comfortable niche in the timepiece galaxy. From god-tier G-Shocks favored by guys like John Mayer to gold-tone reboots Jerry Buss might’ve worn to the Forum Club, the best digital watches for men offer elite-level looks along with a slew of high-tech, practical features. It’s no easier to predict the future now than it was 50 years ago, but rest assured any of the picks below will get you through the next few years (if not the next few decades) in high style.

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