dbt Labs Announces Formal Launch of its Technology Partner Program

More than 50 partners have already joined the program which will bring richer partner integrations to dbt Cloud users

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — dbt Labs, the pioneer in analytics engineering, today announced the formal launch of the dbt Labs Technology Partner Program, allowing data practitioners to extend dbt’s capabilities with seamless integrations, while providing partners with increased connection to the dbt user base, as well as guidance on integrating with dbt Cloud to meet user needs.

dbt has emerged as the industry standard for data transformation, with demand largely driven by the industry-wide shift to cloud-based data platforms. It enables data teams to transform data inside their cloud data platform, and deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices. This new way of working, known as analytics engineering, has been adopted by the global dbt Community of more than 30,000 data professionals. 

“Investing in the dbt Community and its technology ecosystem has always been a high priority for us,” said Nikhil Kothari, Head of Technology Partnerships at dbt Labs. “As we build on a foundation of strong partnerships and look toward the future, formalizing this program was a logical next step. We’re excited to continue working with our partners to provide users with powerful, integrated solutions.”

With over 50 partners now engaged, the dbt Labs Technology Partner Program will significantly increase the number of integrations available to dbt Cloud customers. Partners involved span a variety of categories ranging from data quality to business intelligence and include organizations such as Airbyte, Monte Carlo, and ThoughtSpot.

As part of the new program, partners offering products that support processing of SQL queries will also have access to a newly introduced Adapter Verification Program, which includes a set of technical guides paired with an engagement model that ensures user trust. Those invested in building and maintaining dbt adapters will achieve a Verified designation that ensures best practices, compatibility, and optimal user experience. 

The launch of the official program is the latest milestone in an overall big year for the dbt ecosystem. Additional recent highlights include: 

  • dbt Labs’ Series D funding round in February 2022 featured participation from leaders in the shift to the cloud – Databricks, GV, Salesforce Ventures, and Snowflake, to continue building the next layer of the modern data stack.
  • dbt Cloud is available on Databricks Partner Connect, Snowflake Partner Connect, and AWS Marketplace, making it easier than ever for teams to get started using dbt Cloud on their data platforms of choice.
  • The dbt Community continues to thrive, with more than 30,000 data professionals now in the dbt Community Slack, 6,500 members in the dbt Community Meetup network, and 7,000 attendees at Coalesce 2021, the annual analytics engineering conference hosted by dbt Labs.
  • In the past year, the tech partner ecosystem surrounding dbt has grown rapidly with the introduction of the dbt Cloud Metadata API and is expected to continue to with the upcoming dbt Semantic Layer.

“At Airbyte, we have a great deal in common with dbt Labs – both of us are building open source software that benefits the data community,” said Michel Tricot, Co-founder and CEO at Airbyte. “We’re excited to work together to create great experiences for our growing mutual user base.”

Monte Carlo works hand-in-hand with dbt to bring improved data reliability to joint users, solving an important pain point: data downtime,” said Barr Moses, CEO and Co-founder at Monte Carlo. “Partnering with dbt Labs allows analytics engineering teams to deliver more trustworthy data products by pairing end-to-end data observability with robust testing.”

“Our partnership with dbt Labs unlocks the true potential of the modern data stack by putting safe and reliable self-service analytics in the hands of every employee,” said Amit Prakash, Co-founder and CTO at ThoughtSpot. “The integration allows data teams to empower anyone in their organization with the flexibility and power of dbt models and metadata through self-service analytics on ThoughtSpot. Together, we’re empowering the analytics engineer to scale their business impact like never before.”

For additional details on the official launch, see today’s blog post here. For more information on current partners and dbt Cloud integrations, see dbt Labs’ partner integrations page here.

About dbt Labs 
Since 2016, dbt Labs has been on a mission to help analysts create and disseminate organizational knowledge. dbt Labs pioneered the practice of analytics engineering, built the primary tool in the analytics engineering toolbox, and has been fortunate enough to see a fantastic community coalesce to help push the boundaries of the analytics engineering workflow. Today there are 12,000 companies using dbt every week, 30,000 practitioners in the dbt Community Slack, and over 2,000 dbt Cloud customers.

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