David Bowie’s mugshot up for auction | Entertainment

David Bowie’s mugshot is going up for auction.

The photograph was taken in 1976 after David – who died in 2016 following a secret 18-month cancer battle – and Iggy Pop were arrested on drug charges in Rochester, New York and it is now being listed on Ewbank’s auction site.

The listing reads: “David Bowie – An original photo of David Bowie from 1976. In 1976 David Bowie was arrested in Rochester New York on drug charges with Iggy Pop. They were asked to attend the police station the following day. This photo was taken of David Bowie in the police station, on original kodak paper, 9.5 x 9.5 cm.”

The listing goes on to explain that the photograph was taken by the police officer who fingerprinted Bowie and it was later given to the seller as a wedding present.

It states: “The vendor’s cousin’s husband was a gentleman called Scott. He was the officer who fingerprinted and photographed David Bowie. He gave it to the vendor personally as a wedding present as he knew he was a Bowie fan. The vendor has been in possession of this photo for 46 years and has safely kept it hidden away.”

The picture has a guide price of $1200 to $1700.

In March 1976, Bowie and three other people were arrested at the Americana Rochester Hotel after a gig and charged with fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana after they were found with half a pound of marijuana.

According to the Democrat And Chronicle, Bowie paid bail for the group and entered a plea of not guilty.

A grand jury later decided not to proceed with the case.

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