Contribution of Med Tech to society with innovation and technology

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We have always argued that many companies should work towards having a social impact. But many have failed to recognize the fact that a social impact can not only be recognized in monetary terms but also contribute to technology.


Many organizations have been doing so in past years yet we fail to recognize them. We can always say that Philips is a company with advanced technology in medical equipment that has constantly grown. They have not only given a direction but have constantly been giving their support to various nonprofit organizations.


“I cannot stress enough that this is a top priority for all of us at Philips. We have mobilized our global resources to fulfill Philips’ triple duty of care: continuing to fulfill critical customer needs, ensuring the health and safety of our employees, and ensuring business continuity.” Frans van Houten, Phillips CEO


Not to forget Abbott another giant that has constantly made its impact on society by having many patents in its name in the field of research. Their constant drive to be better and serve the community has made them the best names in the medical industry worldwide. In an incident when there was a shortage of baby food the CEO Robert Ford pledged to support the community even more.


There are Med Techs who are just a startup yet they are on road to changing society for good. We always feel like startups are there just to make money, but we can be wrong. Luxembourg-based, Rajat Khare, founder of Boundary Holding invested in Neomedical and Remidio. The focus of these organizations is to give affordable health care services to all.


Neomedical has developed technology that enables low-cost spinal surgery to take place. The idea was to develop affordable AI and tools for surgeons that can bring costs down. The major problem is the availability and affordability of technology for high-end surgeries, with their AI they can improve the results at a better speed.


Another major challenge comprises is in the eye health care industry. There are lakhs of patients who are not even able to access basic facilities. Remidio came up with a mobile eye testing camera based on any smartphone. This would enable doctors worldwide to use their iPhones for eye testing. This has been a breakthrough in the sector of the eye care industry as more patients would now be able to receive basic diagnoses needed for eye care. This would enable the reach of technology to the masses.


We need to understand that our support for society should never be measured just by the amount of money we spend. It has to be also based on the intentions.  With these new Med techs, we can see that they have been actively participating in making the world a better place.

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