Contenders set for Danville City Council, other local elections | Govt. and Politics

Incumbents on Danville City Council face challenges from newcomers after Tuesday’s deadline to fill to run for office.

Voters in the Dan River will also choose who will be their next Congressional representative for the 5th District and pick among candidates in their respective local contests.  

Mayor Alonzo Jones, Vice Mayor Gary Miller and Danville City Councilmen James Buckner and Bryant Hood are all running to keep their seats. But two challengers, Petrina Carter and Maureen Belko, have also thrown their names into the mix. 

“The deadline’s passed and this is what it’s going to be,” Danville Registrar Peggy Petty said Thursday.  

A form of voter ID — such as a driver’s license, utility bill, paycheck stub or a bank statement with a name and address — is required for a voter to cast their ballot. Photo identification is not required.

“It’s really important to keep your address up to date,” Petty said. “If you have moved, let us know.”

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On the Danville School Board, three seats are in contention as well as a fourth seat vacated by Renee Hughes, who resigned in November 2021. A special election will be held for filling out the remainder of her term. 

Keisha Averett, who is currently in Hughes’ former seat after being appointed, is running for a full four-year term on the school board. Takessa C.S. “Keisha” Walker also seeks to take Hughes’ place in November.

As for the three full-term seats, incumbents Crystal Cobbs and Brandon Atkins are not running for re-election, but Ty’Quan Graves has filed to try to retain his position on the school board. 

Kushana Galloway, Keith Silverman and Michael Pritchett will be on the ballot for the three full-term seats, Petty said. 

In Pittsylvania County, voters in the towns of Chatham, Gretna and Hurt will pick who they want to represent them on town council.

County voters in the Banister District will cast ballots to fill in a seat on the county school board vacated by Raymond Ramsey. Willie Fitzgerald, who was appointed to fill that slot until the special election in November, is running to serve out the remainder of Ramsey’s term.

In Chatham, Alisa Bradford Davis and Irvin Perry are vying for the mayoral seat currently held by William Pace, who is not running for reelection, said Pittsylvania County Registrar Kelly Keesee. 

Three council positions are also up for election in Chatham. Incumbents Janet Royster Bishop and William Black seek to hold on to their seats on Chatham Town Council, and challengers Tommie-Jo Lewis and Teresa Easley are also running for a council slot. Easley has previously served on council.

Council member Andrew Wall is not seeking reelection.  

In Gretna, Mayor Keith Motley is running for reelection, as well as three incumbents who seek to keep their slots on town council — Michael L. Bond, Deborah P. Moran, and Michael D. Burnette. 

Hurt Town Council incumbents Gary N. Poindexter and Shirley M. Barksdale-Hill are running to keep their seats. A third seat held by Donney Johnson, who is not running for reelection, is being sought by Robert W. Majure. 

Christopher L. Perdieu, an incumbent, is also running in a special election to serve out the remainder of the previous office holder’s term on Hurt Town Council.  

In the 5th District Congressional race, incumbent Republican Bob Good faces a challenge from Democrat Josh Throneburg. 

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