ClimateTech, MIT Technology Review’s conference to solutions for climate change

09.21 The Inflation Reduction Act is going to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into cleantech sectors, says James. It’s an “enormous boon to cleantech development,” says Chiang. “It’ll really accelerate the move towards manufacturing…Scaling is really the key, and this will have an enormous impact on that scaling.”

09.20 Our first discussion is with Yet-Ming Chiang, professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. He’ll be talking us through what’s needed to bring us closer to a fossil fuel-free economy. Welcome to the stage!

09.19 But all is not lost. We may have far to go, but we have the technological potential and economic capacity to limit how much hotter the planet gets.

09.17 If we assume every country follows through on its latest commitments under the Paris climate deal, the world will be on track for about 2.4 ˚C of warming over the levels of the late 1800s, he adds. That’s still far too high, but some scientists are warning the increase is going to be closer to 4˚C this century.

09.16 We’ve seen remarkable progress in climate action over the past few months, says James. A big part of this was the US enacting a trio of major laws that could add up to the largest federal investment ever into climate and clean-energy technologies. Read our piece all about the Inflation Reduction Act.

09.10 Welcome to ClimateTech! Thank you for joining us—I’m Rhiannon, a reporter at MIT Technology Review, and I’ll be taking you through all of the developments from the conference this morning.

We’re kicking off now with some welcome remarks from James Temple, our senior climate change and energy editor.

Come back to this page for rolling updates throughout the day as we kick off ClimateTech, MIT Technology Review’s first ever conference dedicated to finding solutions for climate change. Programming starts at 9am ET on Wednesday October 12, and you can follow along here to find out what’s being said on stage. It’s not too late to get tickets, if you haven’t already.

For a taste of what’s to come, read our senior climate change and energy editor James Temple’s essay, in which he lays out the unbelievably high stakes we’re grappling with, the vast challenges that stand in the way of preventing the planet getting hotter and hotter, and—believe it or not—the reasons for optimism, despite the urgency.

Today we’ll be hearing from a vast array of different voices working in this space, including political advisors, MIT professors, clean energy experts, venture capitalists, startup founders, and more. Tune in at 9am!

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