Chapel Hill ISD launches telehealth pilot program with Goodside Health

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – Chapel Hill high school and junior high has introduced a new health system called Goodside Health, a Teladoc program that school nurses can now use to better help treat their students.

The nurses are given an iPad and the necessary equipment to be able to conduct a one-on-one doctor visit with the nurse and the student.

The parent is able to attend the session virtually or confirm the treatment options over the phone. This is a way for students to be cared for without the parents having to miss work or the student having to miss out on school.

“As a nurse I can’t prescribe, but because they can see a physician assistant or a physician or a nurse practitioner they can go through me. The way I see things for them and they can take that and say ‘oh, ok I think I see what the problem is let’s prescribe this.’ and the parents can just pick it up on the way home and the kids are taken care of,” says junior high nurse Jonna Martin.

Chapel High School Nurse Patricia Mitchell says that they are now able to test and treat ailments such as pink eye, do strep testing, and flu testing.

The program is currently being tested out at Chapel Hill High school and junior high first before implementing it to other Chapel Hill schools.

The most the students would ever pay is $50 depending on the treatment.

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