Celebs Like Anne Hathaway Use Henry Rose Perfume

I don’t know about you, but I’m always wondering what perfumes celebrities are wearing. Who wouldn’t want to smell the exact same way as their favorite actress or musician?

When I think of celeb-favorite perfumes, my mind always goes to designer fragrance houses like Tom Ford or Dior. But there’s one sneaky celeb-favorite brand that often flies under the radar: Henry Rose. Founded by Michelle Pfeiffer, this gender-free perfume brand can be found on many of your favorite star’s vanities. 

The best part of Henry Rose perfumes is that they’re incredibly interesting—no one-note fragrances here. Many scents go above and beyond, mixing notes like earl grey tea with guaiacwood. Keep reading to find out which celebrity wears which scent—plus, some editor favorites that you can smell around the Who What Wear office. 

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