Call for Questions About How Youth Are Engaging in Politics

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Above image credit: It’s time to collect the questions you have about youth and their ever-increasing role in the democratic process. Write to us. (Adobe Spark)

Recent polls show that voter turnout among younger populations has been increasing in recent years. 

More than 70% of Gen Zers are involved in a social or political cause, according to research firm Edelman. 

“This generation may be the biggest with over 2 billion globally, with an estimated $360 billion in spending power,” the report said.

One Pew poll that focused on political engagement found that those in the 19-29 age range didn’t track far behind those who were 65 and old when it came to people who “talk about politics most.” 

This tracks with a September 2022 analysis by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE), based at Tufts University. The center, which focuses on youth civic engagement across the U.S., found that voter registration among youth 18-24 years old has increased since the last election cycle, supporting the idea that more young folks are aware of how much they can help shape public policy. 

Notably, they found that Kansas youth are leading the way in young voter registrations.

“Compared to November 2018, Kansas has 17% more 18- to 24-year-old registrants — the third-largest increase of all states for which we have data,” CIRCLE research found.   

So, dear readers, this is the time to collect the questions you have about youth and their increasing role in the democratic process. Your suggestions will help shape the upcoming Flatland show on Kansas City PBS.

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