Bridge City election results for middle school, tech facility

Together the bonds total more than $72 million.

BRIDGE CITY, Texas — Voters in Bridge City voted yes to two propositions that will benefit students but raise taxes.

Proposition A is for $57.7 million and will pay for a new middle school. The school will accommodate 900 students.

Proposition B is for $14.7 million and would pay for a new career and technology center. The center will have additional lab space, classroom space and storage.

Together the bonds total more than $72 million. District officials said both propositions were needed and are aimed at allowing growth within the Bridge City Independent School District.

“They have needed for a long time to get a new middle school, and I think this is the time to do it,” Bridge City ISD Superintendent Mike Kelly. “Our career and technology students that programs are busting and so we’re turning a lot of kids away in those programs. I think people understand that and people don’t want that to happen.”

The new middle school campus received 1,422 votes and the new career and technology facility received 1,449.

A similar bond was proposed in 2019 but did not pass when presented as one bond.

Bridge City Independent School District Superintendent Mike Kelly said this time the bonds were separated so voters could have more options.

“We heard over and over, ‘If you just ask for a middle school, we would vote for middle school, you know. We get it. You need a middle school, but don’t lump it all together,'” Kelly said.

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