Brandi Carlile Posts Inspiring Message: “The Politics and Policies Don’t Match the People”

In the wake of a devastating decision by the United States Supreme Court to overturn the 50-year-old precedent of Roe v. Wade, multi-time Grammy Award songwriter and performer Brandi Carlile shared an inspiring message on social media.

Carlile took to social media on Friday (June 24) to share a bit of hope.

Wrote the artist, “I have spent the last 20 years of my life traveling to every state, city, and every corner of the American landscape. From Alabama to Georgia, Texas to Tennessee, from New York to California, I have sung songs of hope, inclusivity, and love to audiences reflecting those sentiments right back at me by singing along to every word.

“The harrowing and unprecedented decision made by SCOTUS today does not represent the heart and soul of the faces I see everyday in America. The politics and policies don’t match the people. We outnumber the oppressors and we are unstoppable when we realize that and vote as a revolutionary body. 

“This can be undone. 

“My message today is one of hope. -XOBC”

Carlile was one of many artists to share their disappointment at the Supreme Court’s decision. Taylor Swift said she is “absolutely terrified” and Jack White criticized the “professional wrestler” former President Trump for his Supreme Court appointments. White also criticized the Democrats for doing little to nothing in the face of such extremism.

Still, many more have voiced their opinions, including Jason Isbell, Bette Midler, Liz Phair, Garbage, and others who have criticized the court’s decision, calling it unsafe and cruel.

“If you’re gonna talk about how divided we are as a nation, you’ll want to mention SCOTUS decisions like this one, handing power to state reps in crazy-ass gerrymandered districts and completely ignoring the will of the majority of US citizens,” said Jason Isbell on Twitter. “This is not what the people want.”

Liz Phair added, “Woman-hating codified. Watch our standing in the world slide, slide, slide. Fucking idiots,” while The Go-Go’s bassist Kathy Valentine said, “It breaks my heart to think of all the intelligent, creative, innovative minds and careers of women who will never have a chance to explore and experience fully realized lives.”

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