Bradenton pastor uses holographic technology to lead church at 9 locations simultaneously

Pastor Randy Bezet likes getting personal with his congregation at Bayside Community Church, but with nine different locations, he wasn’t able to be at every site at once, until now. 

Bezet is using a new holographic technology called Proto. It can transport him anywhere, live or recorded. He can even interact with the audience. 

“This really is I think putting me in nine locations at one time or has the potential to do that and make it much more personal than if it was just a video or kind of a flat-screen,” explained Bezet.

Technology company Life Display shows businesses how they can incorporate Proto.

“Wherever there is a Proto unit you can beam somebody into at multiple locations you can literally have hundreds and thousands of these locations and beam yourself anywhere in the world. You can operate it with an IPad and your cellphone. What’s amazing about Proto is that they’re the technology that makes it possible that all you need is a white backdrop, a light a certain distance away and a 4K camera and it could be a cellphone. That’s for recording or beaming somebody live. We can advertise products, we can broadcast art, we can show gyms from around the world that are doing these amazing exercise classes and these are maybe celebrities doing these classes. We’re putting these units in malls, in airports, in locations where there are people and there’s traffic,” said Stacey Pitts with Life Display. 

For Bezet, Proto is a way of thinking outside the box while technically being in one. 

“We’ll do whatever we can to actually reach and impact as many people as we can and in this case try a new technology like this,” shared Bezet.

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