Bishops shouldn’t meddle in politics — John Murphy | Letters to the Editor

When the Catholic bishop of Madison, Donald Hying, recently approved of the withholding of Holy Communion from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., he affirmed how much the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is in the pocket of the Republican Party.

Hying denies that his statement is political. But no clergy should show support for any political figure or party. Hying and others should be held accountable for meddling in our politics.

The Founding Fathers advised separation of church and state. Churches pay no taxes with the agreement that they not meddle. Therefore, these meddling bishops need to be taxed.

As far as Pelosi is concerned, she is a much better Christian than Hying will ever hope to be. She works, as Jesus would, to help the poor and disabled. She protects Social Security for the elderly, and health care for those who do not have it. She believes the middle class should not be burdened with excessive taxes, and the wealthy should pay their fair share.

Instead of condemning Pelosi, Hying should concentrate on the sins of his church such as sexual abuse, which is not yet successfully dealt with.

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