Better Living through Space Telescope Technology

Courtesy of NASA — Chandra X-ray images.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — So much technology goes into a space telescope — from the mirrors to the imaging software to the optics. These advancements in space tech are often translated to make our lives better here on Earth.

Space telescopes are marvels of technology. They allow us to see planets and stars and galaxies in amazing detail by capturing light from all parts of the light spectrum. We can actually use technology developed for space telescopes and adapt it for use in our lives on Earth. We have for decades now.

Dr. Kimberly Arcand is the visualization scientist for the NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory. She notes there’s a long list of these technology adaptations.

Technology developed for Arcand’s Chandra-X Space Telescope has been adapted to improve bone scans, mammograms and MRIs.

Space technology is used to help decipher ancient texts and preserve historic documents. Adaptations are helping to process the human genome, improve airport security, and improve computer chips. You can find this technology all around.

With all of the new technology applied to the James Webb Space Telescope, the possibilities for earthly applications are profound. We just need a little creativity to make it so.

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