Bella Hadid Wore Slim-Leg Jeans in NYC

Bella Hadid is back in NYC after many months away. And as someone whose style is always evolving, it’s to be expected that there’d be some new observations to make about her wardrobe. In keeping with the trends for several seasons now, Hadid had embraced baggier silhouettes before taking some time off away from the public eye. This included her jeans of choice, which were often loose and low-rise. But things have shifted, at least for a day.

While out in the city during the day this week, Hadid wore a pair of jeans that were basically the opposite of her previous loose and low ones. The high-waisted pair she chose weren’t quite skinny jeans, as they weren’t super tight around the ankles, but they could best be described as slim-leg jeans. Slim-leg jeans fall somewhere between straight-leg and skinny jeans on the slimness meter, and they’re a great choice if you prefer something polished, timeless, and versatile.

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