Bella Hadid Is Making Cropped Pants Cool Again

We’ve been saying for the past few seasons that long and loose pants (AKA puddle pants) have replaced cropped pants—for the time being, at least. One of the main celebrities to prove this point has been Bella Hadid. Lately, if she’s wearing pants, the hems are dragging on the floor. But her most recent outfit in Paris (she’s in town for Couture Fashion Week) just threw me for a loop.

While out to lunch yesterday, any guesses what Hadid wore? Yes, the answer is cropped pants. And she paired her very cropped khaki trousers with pumps, so they looked even more cropped. I suppose it just goes to show that fashion is ever-changing, so wear what you want if it’s what you like. Hadid clearly likes to mix things up when it comes to her wardrobe, and whether or not other celebrities and fashion people will follow suit and pull their cropped pants back out too remains to be seen.

If you’re ready to wear crops again scroll to shop a few chic pairs I found.

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