Attending a Wine Tasting? Here’s What to Wear

For wine lovers, there’s always a good reason to go for a tasting, whether it’s for a special occasion like a date night or you’ve planned a day-long tour with friends. (Is it rosé season yet?) But with your visit planned, your last task is to figure out what to wear wine tasting, a question that’s maybe best answered by an expert. 

We enlisted Magdalena Wojcik, owner of The Blending Lab in Los Angeles, to provide her expertise for the appropriate attire, whether you’re headed to a sun-filled day in the wine country or an evening at a tasting room, such as hers.

“When in wine country, I think of comfort and weather. I like to usually wear a dress. For shoes, comfort is essential. In spring and summer, I stick with sneakers—you never know where you’ll end up! Even in the winter, the sun is strong, so I never leave without a hat.” Wojcik also tells us that sunscreen is her top accessory at the winery. 

If you’re opting for a tasting room in the city, there’s nothing like a cool military or moto jacket, according to Wojcik. “Urban wine tasting is a little bit different in my opinion, so I dress for the occasion.” A pair of jeans styled with a plain white tee allows you to be comfortable as you run around town but prepared for when the weather begins to cool down. “Tasting rooms are usually cold because of the wine, and a jacket ensures that you’re not cold when enjoying your wine tasting.” She also recommends comfortable flat shoes as you might not have a seat in the room.

Now, shop some of our favorite wine tasting outfit ideas that will impress just about anyone.

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