Alumni Association hosts annual Homecoming tailgate | Entertainment

The Homecoming Tailgate, hosted by the Alumni Association on Monday evening from 5 to 7 p.m., was a success, and words weren’t even needed to recognize that.

The smiles and pure joy that was spread across students’ and faculty’s faces expressed that the event was an accomplishment for another year. 

The ConocoPhillips Alumni Center was exploding with friendships being formed, free food and drinks being enjoyed, and the cornhole competition was serious.

This event became an annual occasion due to the family and community feeling that is continuously brought. Having students of all ages, majors and many different personalities come together to celebrate the Cowboys, have the opportunity to meet new people, and having an abundance of excitement is what homecoming is all about.

Many students had either never known this event existed, briefly heard of it and never gone or never knew about it in in the first place. It was also more difficult considering the previous years it was either cancelled or altered due to the COVID-19.

This year that was definitely not the case, and everyone that said they had never gone before wished they would have. There is nothing better than a tailgate, especially one away from the newfound fall chill, an abundance of free food and snacks and new faces to find yourself in a conversation with.

“My family bleeds orange so I’ve been coming ever since I was a kid,” Libby G., a junior at OSU, said. “I have seen it from the adult perspective, just going with my parents. I knew when I came to college, I wanted to have the student experience, so being able to help it’s such an honor and so cool.”

Many students were also assisting in many ways, some including giving out raffle tickets as students walked in and directing them on where to put their ticket after it was filled out, making sure the bounce house stayed upright and everyone was safe, taking photos for people that wanted to pose in front of the photo booth and even being a cornhole partner if someone needed one.

Amongst the students that were enjoying free food and having fun with friends, were OSU royalty, including Miss OSU, Homecoming Queen and King, and the rest of the homecoming candidates and their escorts. They were all incredibly energetic and so happy to have the honor to represent OSU and mingle with various students.

Senior Homecoming Queen Mia Rucker is on the pom squad, the president of the Chi Omega sorority and is involved with a campus club called Inspiring Health Professionals.

“This is my first time here and it’s so much fun,” Rucker said. “I think it really does feel like a tailgate and I think that’s what’s so much fun, just getting to talk and hang out. It’s a great kickoff to the week. I definitely played cornhole and I did win.” 

A junior homecoming candidate, Corrine Kissel, stated the experience was “incredibly humbling.” She also shared how amazing it was to represent the university, speak with visitors, alumni, students and that “it feels so good to be able to share my love of the university.”

Students interacting with others was simply the purpose and it was all executed well. Pistol Pete even joined the party by showing off his wild dance moves on the bounce house. The Alumni Association picked one welcoming event to pave the way for an amazing homecoming week.

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