After 20 Years In The Biz, Management 360 Rebrands To Entertainment 360 – Deadline

Following two decades of success in the industry, Management 360 has decided to change its name to Entertainment 360 going forward. After noticing the news on Instagram, Deadline reached out for comment and was directed to its social media page on why the change was made:

“As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re excited to share that going forward Management 360 will be known as Entertainment 360. Reflecting upon two decades of milestones, we are beyond proud of the long-lasting client partnerships that have led to so many great projects. At the same time, we believe that the word “management” does not express the full scope of our work in today’s entertainment industry: representing talent with fierce dedication but also creating content that impacts culture. So, our name has evolved, but the original mission statement will always be our North Star: “We create extraordinary opportunities for artists.”

Here is the link to the announcement which also features photos of clients, productions and accomplishments throughout the years:

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