9 Key Items on an Italian Girl’s Nordstrom Shopping List

I don’t know about you, but Italian style is all I can think about right now. The stylish women in Europe’s cultural capitals like Milan, Florence, and Rome seem to possess a certain effortlessly cool polish that the internet (and this editor) can’t get enough of. Thanks to the popularity of influencers and designers like Gilda Ambrosio and Amina Muaddi, their particular brand of elevated glam is inspiring droves of outfit re-creations by us Americans.

As someone who studies Italian style like it’s my job (well, it sort of is), I thought it would be fun to put myself in their shoes for the day and imagine the types of things that would fill their carts on a shopping trip to an American standby, Nordstrom. Although the beloved retailer that’s the topic of much of our conversations here doesn’t have any doors in Europe at the moment, plenty of popular Italian staples are casually sitting on its site as we speak.

Behold—the ultimate guide to shopping our favorite retailer like a true Italian fashion person, from the items they’d be buying to what they’d politely skip.

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