9 Chic Ways to Wear Flare Jeans in 2022

Keeping up with the denim styles of the moment can feel like a full-time job. In just the span of a year, we’ve witnessed the resurgence of a number of classic styles, such as early aughts ultra-low-rise pants and ’90s-style loose jeans. It feels like a revolving door of denim at this point, so I want to draw attention to another style that’s due for a huge come-up this season. 

Take a look at your Instagram feed or a recent paparazzi photo, and I guarantee you’ll spot a pair of flared jeans somewhere in the mix. Brands like Charlotte Knowles and Celine have incorporated the cut into their latest collections, and if Bella Hadid’s constant rotation of low-rise flares is any indication, the trend is only going to bubble up bigger from here. Since all things flared jeans have been on my brain, I thought I’d round up all the cool ways the fashion crowd has been styling them—nine specific ways to be exact. Keep scrolling to take a peek at them all.

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