6 Affordable Brands That Are Just Like The Row

If my credit card bill didn’t need to be paid, my ideal wardrobe would be full of The Row. If you have a deep appreciation for minimal and understated luxury, you probably feel the same way. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s label has moved far beyond the “celebrity brand” category and has become an aspirational favorite among the fashion set. Recently, there has been a high demand for wearable staples that are trendless, pared-back, and ultra-luxe—and no one does that better than The Row.

Right now, I don’t quite have the funds to go on a shopping spree comprised of The Row, so I’m looking toward brands that’ll help me duplicate the style on a budget. I looked for brands that can easily elevate simple items like T-shirts, blazers, and skirts as well as the classic Olsen-inspired staples like leather sandals and sleek handbags. Keep scrolling to see the six brands I’m looking at, in addition to luxe-looking shopping picks from each.

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