5 Ways to Use Makeup for Tired Eyes

I am no makeup whiz. Trust me. I can’t do winged liner (despite years of trying), I have no idea how to contour like people on TikTok do, and any attempt at lining my lips is guaranteed to end badly. Truthfully, my lack of artistic ability is probably the reason I like to keep my makeup natural-looking and as quick and easy a possible. 

There is, however, one makeup technique I consider myself a master at, and that’s my ability to brighten up my constantly tired eyes. My incessant dark circles, puffy eyes, and persistent under-eye bags mean that I’ve become somewhat of an expert in disguising tired eyes. I have absorbed every tip and trick that I have received throughout my eights years as a beauty journalist from makeup artists and learned how to achieve a look that hides every hint of tired eyes. So without further ado, this is everything you need to know about how to use makeup for tired eyes.

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