5 Streetwear Style Trends That Will Boom This Summer

By now we’ve already run through the most pertinent shoe and handbag trends of the season—barbie shoes and ’90s minimalist styles included—so it’s only right that we shift the spotlight to what’s happening within the streetwear scene. While sneakers will forever be the foundation of streetwear as an aesthetic, other unexpected pieces have taken center stage as players among the style set: just look at the surge of viral, “clickbait” accessories and eccentric-looking foam shoes as the proof.

Balenciaga’s Cagole bags and shoes have practically flooded every hypebeast/bae’s page on the internet, and right now, it’s a mad dash to cop the Yeezy Foam Runners. Neither of them is what you’d consider to be universally “pretty,” but teetering on the edge of controversially cute is what makes streetwear so interesting to look at. Other big trends are also poised to become huge this season, so I’ve mapped them out all for you below. So get comfortable and keep scrolling.

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