5 Spring Trends a French Girl Is Wearing This Spring

We routinely turn to a variety of French girls for solid sartorial guidance. After all, this set just gets it when it comes to that chic, pared-down approach to dressing. One Parisian woman who’s a go-to for inspiration? Yep, Andrea Mun. This Paris-based influencer posts a variety of beautiful outfit ideas that are easy and highly forward. Given our heightened interest in her style, we wanted to tap her to provide a shortlist of the trends she’s particularly loving at the moment, along with some that she’s excited to wear more of come spring. Basically, there are four key pieces she’s going to mix and match with other items in her wardrobe to create her top-notch looks.

With all that in mind, you’ll uncover a tighter edit of a few items to try below, including everything from a sleek dress option to a stellar denim pick. Naturally, there’s also a smattering of visual inspiration, along with shopping picks to represent each item as well. Keep scrolling for more.

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