5 Popular Fashion Trends | Who What Wear

With fashion trends now cycling at warp speed, it takes a very short time for the piece or look in question to saturate the market. I distinctly remember growing up frustrated at how long it would take for a trending piece to trickle down to the mainstream. I would spot my favorite celebrities in a cool top or shoes and would have to wait well over a year at times to get my hands on something similar.

As I’ve grown older, the urgency I felt has significantly changed. I am a huge proponent of slowing down the cycle and living in the trends you love the most for as long as they bring you joy. My goal is to thoughtfully make decisions on my wardrobe regardless of the piece or pieces are no longer focused on or celebrated by the fashion and entertainment industries.

Enter the current season. There is a variety of trends that I truly love that are past their peak or nearing it. Even though I feel an outside pressure of sorts to store them or sell them for now, I can’t help but wear them in heavy rotation because they are, in fact, still very cool. From lug-sole boots to boxy cardigans, I share five of the popular trends I am hanging onto this season below.

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