5 Fall Jean Alternatives We’re Wearing Instead of Denim RN

No, this isn’t a breakup letter to my jeans. If anything, it’s an announcement that I’ll merely be slowing my roll on denim for the time being. It will always be the backbone of my wardrobe and I don’t foresee that changing but lately, I’ve felt compelled to venture into new territories, particularly because of all the new pant and trouser trends that are bubbling up right now. It feels odd to say, but pants are becoming “it” for fall 2022 and I plan on divulging the top trends to know.

I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase a few fall jean alternatives here since I’ll personally be wearing each of them. They may be trending now, but these five items are just versatile and effortless to wear as my beloved denim, so I know they’ll prove to be the hero pieces in my wardrobe this season (and likely beyond). From the puddle pants that will save you a trip to the tailor to statement mini skirts, below I’m sharing the of-the-moment pant and skirt trends fashion people are already all over. These will provide you with some refreshing denim alternatives for your day-to-day ensembles. 

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