5 Dinner-Date Outfit Ideas That Look So Elevated

We are in our lace era, apparently. Lace tights, lace bodysuits, lace pants, lace catsuits… You name it. It’s all trending. I love that we’re going back to these simple, sexy fabrics for a night out. For a while, I shied away from these pieces with the fear of looking tacky, but lately, lace pieces are calling to me more than ever. I love the glamour, sexiness, and romantic feel that lace adds to a look. Try a bodysuit with your favorite trousers and a jacket if you want to dabble, or go full force with a lace catsuit or lace pants like Cass did above. I’m undoubtedly wearing this outfit to The Nines on a weekend with my friends and sticking around until this piano bar turns into a nightclub. Plus, what better to eat a caviar potato in than this? 

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