32 Expensive-Looking Zara Staples That Look Like Designer

If my (ahem, weekly) shopping-spree lineup were able to consistently resemble that of a Paris Fashion Week calendar, I’ll be first to admit it probably would. However, I tend to err on the side of the much more affordable when I’m online shopping. That’s not to say I don’t often get my hands on plenty of styles that are so polished and stylish they almost look like designer items. In fact, I just about always do (as a fashion editor, you pick up on just what details to look for), and among all the affordable shopping destinations at my finger tips, I find it’s most usually the case when I’m shopping at Zara.

Particularly during the winter, Zara is no stranger to tapping into those ultra-chic styles that feel like something from the runway. Think asymmetric tailoring or structured blazers, sweaters that look unfathomably soft for the price, and a selection of genuine leather boots. I kid you not, you could pull images from the website currently and plaster them in a magazine spread, and I’d believe you if you told me they were by a designer brand. Don’t believe me? I’ve rounded up 32 of the very best styles available right now below for proof. From one fashion person to another, there’s nothing better than scoring a stunner that looks more expensive than it really is.

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