31 Affordable Trendy Updates to Wear With Your Summer Basics

Generally speaking, summer isn’t my favorite month anymore. Up until I graduated from college, I thought it was but I now realize that it was because I didn’t have to go to school. While I prefer fall weather and activities, the thing that I do look forward to this time of year is shopping for summer clothes, shoes, and accessories. So let’s do that.

I think that the general consensus in life is that summer is the most exciting season to shop for. Summer trends are typically more relaxed, colorful, and fun. And I always find that affordable trendy fashion items abound during summer. To prove it, I found a bunch that I’d buy in a second to punch up all of my basics (as those are what make up the majority of my summer outfits). Scroll to shop my favorite trend-forward findings, most of which are less than $100.

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