30 Shoes That Go With Literally Everything

There’s no part of my closet I’m pickier with than my shoes. As much as I Iove shopping for them, the reality is that I end up wearing my favorite few pairs over and over again and as such, I need every pair in my closet to really go the mile. The right footwear is arguably one of the key accessories to consider when getting dressed, so I tend to take my time vetting my options before making any purchases.

I recently sat down to do just that and dove into the best versatile shoes in existence. Whether it’s a casual jeans-and-a-tee fit or something more elevated like a slip dress, I’ve done the legwork (AKA scrolled for hours on Instagram for styling inspiration), and I’ve come to the conclusion that the 20 shoe styles you’re about to see here are the wisest investments you can make for your footwear collection.

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