30 Items to Pack for a Coastal Vacation

I’m an east-coast girl at heart. I think New England is so charming with its rich history, beautiful architecture, and quaint little towns that each have their own personality. Every summer, my family and I visit our favorite coastal spots, so I need to pack outfits to match. Provincetown is first on our itinerary, and I’m thinking bright colors and trendy accessories to match its playful energy. Next, I’ll be basking seaside on Martha’s Vineyard, so beachwear is a must. Thirty miles east of Martha’s Vineyard is the island of Nantucket, which has a quiet-luxury, nautical-inspired style. Then there’s Newport, which is so fitting with the old-money aesthetic—it’s famous for the regal mansions owned by wealthy families during the Gilded Age. And lastly, the coastal, mountainous wonderland of Acadia, where chic activewear is necessary for all the outdoor activities. I’m currently packing as I write this, so keep reading to see what I’m bringing for each destination.

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