3 Easy Dewy Makeup Looks for 3 Time Frames

It’s no secret—everyone wants to look dewy. In an ideal world, we could all roll out of bed with skin resembling a glazed doughnut and go on with our days. Unfortunately, unless you’re superhuman, that’s likely not possible. 

I wish I had endless time every morning to perfect my makeup and make myself look as dewy as possible, but let’s be honest: Most mornings, I’m lucky if I get even 20 minutes of glam time. I know many of us are on tight morning schedules, so I reached out to celebrity makeup artists Beck Wainner and Jamie Greenberg for their best advice for creating a dewy makeup look on a tight timeline. Whether you have 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes (lucky), they helped me figure out the best way to make yourself look polished, put-together, and impossibly glowy.

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