29 Pieces to Bring Your European Summer Fantasy to Life

While some may be daydreaming about cinnamon-doused lattes and wool jackets, summer isn’t over for me. And until the first 50-degree day rolls through, I will be fervently clutching my linen pants. The mood currently ruling my affections is one that’s very likely all over your feed: the European summer fantasy. Almost everyone I know in person and the digital world has made their way to the continent, documenting every spritz and Mediterranean sunset in the process (I’m guilty of it too).

But I’m not complaining. The pervasive vacation snaps affirmed I needed to book a trip to Corsica. They also reinforced my obsession with breezy dresses and cutesy sea-themed accessories. While it will be a moment before my next European summer vacation, I can at least live vicariously through the curated assortment of elegant buys below, which scream Saint-Tropez and Lake Como in capital letters. Now excuse me while I cosplay a socialite on a yacht in the Aegean Sea.

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