29 Bandeau Bikinis That You Absolutely Need for Summer

Maybe I have a one-track mind, but every summer, I pick a single swimsuit style and wear it again and again. Last season, I remained dedicated to triangle bikinis until the very last warm day of the year. My pick for this season? Bandeau bikinis because, for the life of me, I can’t take another summer of crisscrossing tan lines. 

Until recently, I was an adamant opponent of the strapless swimwear style. Once made up of nothing more than straight-across pieces of fabric, bandeau bikini tops always erred more on the side of boring than beach ready for me. But after perusing literally hundreds of bandeau-style bikinis in anticipation of swimsuit season, I can say with certainty that my former distaste for the tube top of swimwear has flipped on its head. Call me a bandeau bikini’s biggest fan.

Keep scrolling for 29 bandeau bikinis that are so cute they’ll convince even the most adamant of strapless haters to rethink the style. 

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