27 Show-Worthy Picks I’m Adding to my Fashion Month Wishlist

Despite the nature of my job, I’m not a big shopper. I go on no-buy periods occasionally (I was recently on one since October), and if I do buy something, it’s usually one or two things each season. If there is a time when I do hit “add to cart” more than usual, it’s during fashion month. I’m always inspired by the street-style images that come or the newest collections released by designers, and thus like to make a wishlist of what I love and would want in my wardrobe during fashion week and beyond. With fashion month upon us, I thought I’d share a peek into my running wishlist in case you’re on the hunt for a bit of shopping inspiration. 

Ahead, you’ll find my complete fashion month wishlist from red mesh flats to balloon jeans. Keep scrolling and see if anything special catches your eye. I haven’t clicked purchase on anything yet, but I’m certain that fate will change by tomorrow.

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