27 Brown-Girl Friendly Beauty Products That Passed My Test

As a brown girl, finding products that work with my skin tone and type can be a little tricky. Growing up, the beauty world was vastly different than it is today. My options were quite slim with everything from foundation colors to lip products. Even with the large variety there is today, I still find myself disappointed in many products that leave my skin feeling chalky and ashy-looking, even when the product promises the opposite. I feel like I always have to walk out of Sephora or a drugstore with a beauty product in hand, and it’s time I finally share all the results from everything I’ve test-driven over the years.

From the perfect nude lipstick to the foundation that has shades for everyone, these brown-girl friendly beauty products need to be acknowledged. Without further ado, I give you 27 makeup, skincare, and haircare items that check all my boxes.

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