25 Best Sex Toys for Couples 2022: Make Sex Even More Awesome

Lastly, on a safety note, Ashford recommends avoiding cheap toys, as these are often breeding grounds for bacteria due to being made of porous materials, and many contain harmful chemicals known as phthalates. The sex toy industry is unregulated, so you unfortunately can’t always trust what companies say about their own products’ safety and formulation; your best bet is to read reviews online, and do your research on sex toy materials and brands.

Or you could just try some of our expert-vetted picks! Here are some of the best sex toys for couples to use together.

The Best Hands-Free Vibrator: We-Vibe Sync

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Many other companies have tried to riff on We-Vibe’s signature C-shaped vibrator design, but the original is still the best of the best. Meant to be “worn” vaginally during intercourse, the We-Vibe stimulates both partners at once, for stellar (and possibly simultaneous) orgasms. This model has two hinges at its center, so you can adjust it to achieve your perfect fit.

The Best Stroking Toy: Fleshlight Quickshot

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Fleshlight is the biggest name in the stroker game, and for good reason: the ribbed texture inside this one is ultra-stimulating. The Quickshot differs from your standard Fleshlight, though, in that it’s open on both ends—which makes cleanup less messy and annoying, and also means a partner can use this toy on the base of your shaft while giving you oral sex.

The Best Low-Profile Toy: We-Vibe Melt

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This petite toy uses rhythmic pulses of air to create clitoral sensations that mimic great oral sex—but unlike many other toys with this technology, the We-Vibe Melt is slim enough to slip between bodies easily during penetrative sex, for the ultimate blended orgasm.

The Best Body-Contoured Clitoral Vibrator: Lelo Nea

Dr. Reed says this cute vibe is a good pick for your first sex toy (or your first one to use together) because it’s small, unobtrusive, and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s designed to fit the natural curve of the vulva, so it’s super comfy to use clitorally during penetrative sex.

The Best Vibrating Cock Ring: Tenga SVR

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This vibrating cock ring has a deep, satisfying motor, which enhances sensation for both partners when the vibrating part hits the clitoris or perineum during penetrative sex. You can also slip your fingers through the loop and use them to penetrate a partner while the vibrator stimulates their external bits. How handy!

The Best Couples Vibrator: Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

This vibrator curves around your shaft, stimulating all its most sensitive spots whether you’re erect or flaccid. Best of all, the underside of the toy vibrates as well, so your partner can grind against it while you use it. If you love dry-humping but would love it more if it were, well, less “dry,” this is the toy for you!

The Best Strap-On: Tantus Beginner’s Strap-On Kit

Tantus Beginner’s Strap-On Kit

Curious about pegging? This kit will get you started: it comes with an adjustable harness, two differently-sized dildos (including one super-small one for total newbies to butt stuff), and a bullet vibe you can slip behind the dildo to make sure you both enjoy yourselves. Throw some water-based lube into the mix and you’re good to go!

The Best Finger Vibrator: Fin Vibrator

The Fin is an easy way to take simple fingering to the next level. Wrap it around your fingers, and bam, now your fingers can vibrate. Add a dab of lube and get to business.

The Best Sex Toy for Clitoral and G-Spot Stimulation: Womanizer Red Duo

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Womanizer Red Duo Rechargeable G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator

Yes, this clitoral and G-spot stimulator is expensive, but can you put a price on Earth-shattering orgasms? The silicone Womanizer Duo does exactly what it’s supposed to, and it does it well. Once you’ve hit the right spots simply keep applying pressure until the pleasure commences.

The Best Stealth Sex Toy for Couples: Crave Vesper

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No crude dildo shapes here: with the press of a discreet button, this necklace turns into a highly functional vibrator. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold, it’s also chic enough to wear just as jewelry. 

The Best Sex Toy for Shower Sex: Je Joue Mio Cock Ring

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Je Joue Mio Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

It’s high-time we stopped pushing the shower sex agenda, because, really, it’s never as good as you think it’s going to be. Water gets in your eyes, you can’t get enough friction, and you could slip and really hurt yourself. But a select few really enjoy shower sex, and if you or your partner is one of those folks, then go ahead and get this water-proof vibrating cock ring to add even more to the experience.

The Best Sex Toy for Back Door Beginners: b-Vibe

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b-Vibe Remote Control Rechargeable Vibrating Rimming Butt Plug

Petite but highly efficient, the b-Vibe isn’t your ordinary vibrating butt plug. The device actually replicates the sensation of being rimmed, which, yeah, feels great.

The Best Solo Sex Toy That’s Also Fun with a Partner: Tenga Flip Zero

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This sleeve proves that a proper sex toy for men does exist. Bring it into the bedroom to mix things up, or use it for masturbation when you’re not up for company.

The Best Long-Distance Sex Toy: Lovense Osci 2

LOVENSE Osci 2 G-Spot Vibrator

If you’re in a long-distance relationship then you should consider getting a long-distance sex toy. Using Bluetooth, one partner can control the toy from an app thousands of miles away. The LOVENSE Osci 2 has a curved design developed to hit the G-spot. Once there, it rapidly oscillates back and forth to (hopefully) create a body-shaking orgasm.

The Best Sex Toy for the Kinkily Romantic: Upko personalized leather handcuffs

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Restrain your sex life with these gorgeous Italian leather personalized handcuffs. You get to pick what they say, so buy your human pet cuffs with their (or your) name on them. Or, take the ultra-romantic route and simply have them say something filthy—up to you. Each letter is 24-karat gold-plated and inlaid with sparkly crystal. While we suggest strapping them on your partner so you can have full control, these cuffs are so gorgeous that anyone could wear them to the right club as jewelry.

The Best Mildly Kinky Sex Toy for Couples: The Wartenberg Wheel 

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Kookie International Wartenberg Wheel

If you and your partner are interested in making foreplay a little more interesting, or dabbling in some light BDSM, the infamous Wartenberg Wheel is the perfect (and affordable) start. It’s a real medical device—neurologist Robert Wartenberg (1887–1956) designed the wheel to test nerve reactions. But naturally, the kink community took it over upon realizing how good it felt on erogenous zones. For those interested in medical play, the lab coat is not included.

The Classic-for-a-Reason Sex Toy: Cordless Magic Wand 

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Magic Wand cordless vibrator

Ownership of one of these is basically required for all horny adults. The cordless, rechargeable version of the original wand works just as well, except you can enter the bone zone anywhere. (In the olden days couples used to have to boink next to an outlet.) Use it on your partner’s clitoris during sex, or honestly, just as a back massager. This thing really feels good anywhere.

The Hottest Sex Toy: Lora DiCarlo Tilt

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Lora DiCarlo Tilt warming plug

Not only did Lora DiCarlo manage to make a sex toy that works on all genders and genitals, but this must-have warms up above body temperature, adding an extra element of coziness. So whether you have a G-spot and clitoris or the P-spot and perineum, stick it in and relax, baby.

The Best Sex Toy with a Sense of Humor: Clone-A-Willy

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Clone-A-Willy vibrating penis molding kit

If the name “Clone-A-Willy” makes you laugh, good! You have a pulse. It’s completely ridiculous and nothing but fun, so if you want to give this as a gag gift, by all means. But it actually does a pretty good job cloning a willy. Think of all the doors (and orifices) that will open. This stuff is supposed to be fun, remember? 

The Best Positioning Aid: Liberator Wedge

Dr. Reed recommends this comfy foam wedge for couples who need a little help with positioning during sex, whether that’s due to lowered mobility or weaker knees from aging or injury, or just wanting a different angle or depth of penetration. You can use it in a myriad of ways, and tuck it under your bed between sessions for discreet storage.

The Most Versatile Vibrator: Unbound Bender

“This is a classic go-to for couples of all gender and sexual identities,” Ashford says. It’s a vibrator with a bendable core that can be adjusted into just about any shape or angle you can imagine. Put it on any external spot that craves vibration.

The Best Oscillator: Zumio X

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This clit-focused toy uses “oscillations” instead of vibrations, creating a sensation that seems to resonate deeper into your skin and can even prompt more powerful orgasms. “The design of the Zumio vibrators are a bit odd at first glance—it has a toothbrush-like appearance,” Ashford notes, “but it is more than just a clit stimulator. You could use [it] on other sensitive spots such as the nipples.” It comes with its own little charging dock, too, which is cute and convenient.

The Best Beginners’ Vibrating Butt Plug: Unbound Shimmy

“If you or your partner wants to explore prostate stimulation, and you feel like you’ve got regular butt plugs down, pick up a vibrating butt plug, such as the Shimmy from Unbound,” Ashford says. “I think you’ll be surprised at the type of pleasure you are able to unlock.” Vibrations are even more stimulating than the pressure provided by a non-vibrating butt plug, and the vibrations can even help relax the muscles of the anus in preparation for anal sex or pegging if you’re into that.

The Best Panty Vibrator: Lovense Ferri

Tuck this magnetic panty vibe into your underwear, or have your partner do so, and connect it to Lovense’s app via Bluetooth. Then you can control the vibe with your phone, whether the person wearing it is sitting across the dinner table from you or halfway around the world.

The Best All-in-One Bondage Kit: Sportsheets Under-the-Bed Restraints System

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Sportsheets under-the-bed restraints system

Experimenting with bondage doesn’t have to be intimidating! This restraints kit attaches to your bed, is easy and quick to set up, and can be tucked away quickly if you have guests coming over. It comes with two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs, so you can put your partner into a variety of different spread-eagle positions for some kinky fun.

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