20 Leopard Print Items That Are Cool Again

At this point in time, saying that leopard print is back is like saying summer will be hot. It’s bound to happen (every few years, at least), so we might as well not get rid of our spotted clothing and accessories whenever the trend cools off for the time being.

In recent seasons in which leopard has been a trend, it’s been in more of a classic form, adorning things like pumps, pencil skirts, and cashmere sweaters. It’s often been treated as a neutral. But that’s not exactly been the case this season, in which the overarching theme has been all things Y2K.

I decided to put the spotlight on leopard print again when I kept seeing it on my Instagram feed and when I scrolled through Staud’s new arrivals, which include many leopard-print pieces that look like elevated versions of what we were wearing in 2005 (if you were old enough to wear a cheetah mini-dress back then).

So if you’re ready for this revival (or aren’t but could be convinced), scroll to see how it’s shaping up among the fashion crowd on Instagram and shop Y2K-inspired leopard print pieces that are far from basic (if you didn’t keep your original ones from the 2000s).

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