19 Halloween Word Search Puzzles – Free Printable

No matter what your age, word search puzzles are an excellent brain-buster activity. For young children, searching for sight words in a grid format reinforces their spelling and vocabulary skills in a fun manner that doesn’t feel like you are tricking them into doing homework. And for us grownups, solving sudoku, crosswords or word search puzzles keeps our brains sharp while helping to improve concentration and deepen our problem-solving skills. It can be relaxing, too!

Now that it’s spooky season, this collection of Halloween word searches is a perfect activity to get you and your family in a witchy mood. These puzzles can easily be printed at home for some after-school entertainment or be used as a fun activity at a Halloween party. Most of these puzzles have just eight words to find—easy enough for children in primary grades to do on their own with minimal help. But we’ve also included a few word searches that are more challenging for the older crew, and even where the words zigzag!

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