18 Amazon Prime Day Picks I Can Vouch For

I’m going to be honest: Amazon Prime Day kind of stresses me out. I have a Prime membership, so in theory, I should be taking advantage of all the deals! Deals! Deals! But trying to navigate it all feels overwhelming. To help with all that, we’ve got top-notch curation from our editors: Check out our Market Director’s best fashion picks, the best deeply discounted home decor finds, and all the good on-sale beauty (I honestly think the beauty is the best part).

To do my part, I figured I’d take a scroll through the past two years of my order history and share items I’ve vetted, loved, and would absolutely order again. Scroll down to check out my picks, and though I haven’t tried them yet, because I just impulse bought them, these $6 set of fine point markers are bringing me joy. Imagine all the pretty notes and letters you could send!

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