17 Beauty Products Lauryn Bosstick Swears By

I consider myself pretty open-minded when it comes to beauty. I’m down to try the most hyped products, indulge in the buzziest treatments, and use over-the-top tools just for a good story. But in the decade that I’ve been in the beauty space, I don’t think it’s ever crossed my mind to shave my entire face. Dermaplaning? Yes. Face shaving? No. I’ve been way too paranoid that my barely-there peach fuzz would somehow grow back resembling Chewbacca, and that’s just a risk I’m not willing to take. Well, according to Lauryn Bosstick, content creator, podcaster, beauty lover, and founder of The Skinny Confidential, I should really change my tune.

“Shaving the face gets rid of peach fuzz, creates a smooth canvas for makeup, and helps all of your skincare absorb better,” says the multi-hyphenate, who has been shaving her face for years. “I swear, your hair won’t grow back darker. That’s such a myth.” In an effort to end the taboo around women shaving their faces, Bosstick created The Shavette Kit ($40), which includes the “first women’s facial shaving cream that’s actually good for your skin” and a razor that will give you the “smoothest, closest shave of your life,” says Bosstick.

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