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15 Tips to Attract Customers to Your Small Business social imageI’ve been a small business coach for a long time now, and it’s interesting how the big questions never change. Whether a person just started their small business or has been running it for a while, they ask me, “How do I attract customers?” The truth is that there isn’t one thing you need to do, but rather a collection of items that will boost your chance of success. So today, I want to share 15 tips on how to attract customers and grow your small business.

15 Tips to Attract Customers

Learning how to attract customers is crucial to the success of any small business. In fact, 57 percent of marketers say that customer acquisition is the most important part of their marketing expenditure! To make sure you put your money in the right places, here are 15 tips to help you draw in more customers and grow your brand.

1. Define Your Target Audience

Knowing your ideal customer will help you understand what they want and how to attract them. Start by creating a customer persona—a fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and data. Consider factors such as age, location, income, and interests when defining your target audience. This information will inform your marketing strategies and help you make the most impact. For help, check out this article

15 Tips to Attract Customers to Your Small Business customer persona

2. Offer Unique Products or Services

Stand out from the competition by offering something different and special that customers can’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s a new twist on a classic product or a new approach to a common service, offering something unique will attract customers and generate fans. Make sure to promote your unique offerings in your marketing and sales materials, and let customers know what sets you apart.

3. Utilize Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to reach a large audience for a small investment. Start by creating a business page and posting regular updates, including promotions and new product offerings. Interact with your followers by responding to comments and messages and use paid advertising options to reach even more potential customers. If you want more help, I have a whole Social Media Selling course, and I’d love to teach you! 

4. Create a Strong Brand Identity

15 Tips to Attract Customers to Your Small Business brand identity

Your brand should reflect your values and mission and help you connect with customers emotionally. Develop a consistent brand message and visual identity, including a logo and color scheme, and use this identity across all your marketing materials. Your brand should be easily recognizable, memorable and help customers form a connection with your small business.

5. Offer Excellent Customer Service

Treating customers well will encourage them to return and recommend your business to others. Train your employees to provide friendly, helpful service, and make sure they have the tools and resources they need to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively. Respond promptly to customer complaints and feedback to show that you value and appreciate your customers.

6. Build a Website

Your website should be professional, user-friendly, and provide all the information customers need to do business with you. Include information about your products and services, contact information, and business hours. Ensure your website is optimized for search engines and include clear calls to action to encourage visitors to take action, such as making a purchase or signing up for your email list.

7. Partner with Other Businesses

15 Tips to Attract Customers to Your Small Business partner with others

Collaborating with complementary businesses can help you reach new customers and grow your brand. Consider partnering with a local store or organization or teaming up with another company to offer a joint promotion. Make sure to choose a partner whose values and target audience align with yours, and be clear about the goals and benefits of the partnership.

8. Use Email Marketing

Email campaigns are an effective way to keep customers informed and engaged with your business. Build a list of subscribers by offering incentives such as exclusive promotions and discounts. Send regular, targeted email campaigns to your subscribers, and make sure to segment your list so that you can send tailored messages to different groups of customers. If you want someone to walk you step-by-step through the essentials of email marketing, check out my course The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing.

9. Host Events and Promotions

Attract customers with special events and promotions, such as sales, contests, and giveaways. Plan events that appeal to your target audience and provide value, such as workshops or open houses. Use social media, email marketing, and other channels to promote your events and reach a wider audience.

10. Ask for Referrals

You want to attract customers, so how about getting some help from others by encouraging satisfied customers to refer their friends and family to your business? You can offer incentives such as discounts or rewards for successful referrals. Remember to make it easy for customers to get the rewards as they spread the word about your business. You’ll also want to track the success of your referral program and make changes as needed to increase its effectiveness.

11. Make Use of SEO

Optimize your website to appear at the top of search engine results, making it easier for potential customers to find you. Use keywords, meta descriptions, and other techniques to improve your search rankings and stay up-to-date on the latest SEO best practices.

12. Take Advantage of Local SEO

15 Tips to Attract Customers to Your Small BusinessGoogle business profile

Source: Google Business

Use keywords and other strategies to rank high in search results for your local area. Claim your Google Business Profile! Include your business address and additional location information on your website and in your marketing materials, and list your business in local directories and maps. Ensure your local information is consistent across all your online profiles and directories.

13. Use Paid Advertising

Consider using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to reach a large audience and drive traffic to your website. Choose keywords and demographics relevant to your target audience, and track the results of your campaigns to optimize your strategies. Work with a marketing professional or agency if you need help setting up and managing your PPC campaigns.

14. Collaborate with Influencers

Partner with social media influencers to reach a large and engaged audience. Choose influencers with a following that aligns with your target audience, and offer them incentives such as exclusive promotions or free products. Monitor the success of your influencer partnerships, and consider working with multiple influencers to reach a wider audience. You don’t need to target the biggest influencers either. Working with micro influencers can be very beneficial for growing your brand. For advice, check out my articles here and here

15. Invest in Content Marketing

Developing engaging, informative content that appeals to your target audience and demonstrates your expertise in your field will also help you attract customers. Offer blog posts, videos, ebooks, and other types of content that provide value and help them solve problems. Share your content on your website and social media platforms, and use keywords and other techniques to optimize it for search engines. By consistently creating and sharing high-quality content, you’ll establish your business as an authority in your industry and attract customers.

Attract Customers and Grow Your Small Business!

By implementing these 15 tips, you’ll be able to attract customers to your small business. Remember to be consistent, persistent, and focused on providing value to your customers, and you’ll see results in no time. Also, consider a balanced approach between customer acquisition and customer retention. For advice, check out this HubSpot blog post.

Do you have tips to attract customers that have worked in your business? Let us know about them in the comments!


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