10 Los Angeles Clothing Brands Every Stylish L.A. Girl Knows

New York tends to get all the attention for emerging fashion brands, but this L.A. girl is starting to feel a bit, well, jealous. It’s just that the East Coast has shined in the spotlight as this country’s fashion capital for long enough, and biased as I may be, there’s a lot happening over here on the Pacific side of the continental U.S. that’s just as buzz-worthy.

In reality, I hate even comparing the two cities because they’re almost too different to warrant such a comparison, but I have a feeling the rivalry will persist, which is why I’m going out of my way today to point out the thriving scene of smaller indie and emerging names we Angelenos have. Don’t worry—I’m not trying to slam you, New York. I’m only trying to show that the following Los Angeles clothing brands are the kind that every stylish Angeleno knows about but won’t be spilling to her NYC friends anytime soon. Hey, we have to have some of our own nice things, right?

It’s only natural, then, that the overarching theme of the following 10 brands is of the laid-back, fun-loving, and—dare I say—”chill” variety that this sunny city is known for. Expect to discover everything from retro-inspired disco pants to romantic lingerie and cool basics in the below roundup. You might even find yourself arguing that L.A. is the better coast. (If so, I’ll have taught you well.)

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