10 Collared Cardigan Sweaters for All Seasons

Sweater weather is something we spend half the year looking forward to, and the other half embracing (and dry cleaning), but what about the humble cardigan? 

We have a theory: sweater weather comes and goes, but cardigans are seasonless. Excluding the sartorial necessities of extremely hot or cold days, a cardigan is a versatile piece to always have on hand. Whether there’s always one draped over your office chair, or an item as essential to your carry-on bag as a refillable water bottle and a good book, it’s clear that cardigans—in any color, material, or style—have staying power. 

Lately, we’ve been caught swooning over a stunning ribbed cashmere cardigan by Chloé. At over $2000, this piece isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find similar styles at more affordable price points. In fact, H&M just released a complete cardigan-inspired look for under $100—seriously. 

Intrigued? Same. Keep scrolling to shop collared cardigans for all seasons. 

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